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Herein, we report a first citric acid (CA)-derived in situ crosslinkable biodegradable polymer, poly(ethylene glycol) maleate citrate (PEGMC). The synthesis of PEGMC could be carried out via a one-pot polycondensation reaction without using organic solvents or catalysts. PEGMC could be in situ crosslinked into elastomeric PPEGMC hydrogels. The performance(More)
The study shows that RADA-F6 peptide with pH-responsive self-assembling nature can be effectively used as a drug delivery system for the sustained release of a potent anticancer drug 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) at basic pH. As 5-FU contains the aromatic pyrimidine ring, RADA-F6 system is suitable for entrapping an aromatic drug due to effective π-π stacking with(More)
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