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In budding yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the phosphate signalling and response pathway, known as PHO pathway, monitors phosphate cytoplasmic levels by controlling genes involved in scavenging, uptake and utilization of phosphate. Recent attempts to understand the phosphate starvation response in other ascomycetes have suggested the existence of both(More)
An Ad hoc network is a collection of mobile nodes forming a temporary network without the help of any centralized access point or existing infrastructure. In such an environment, routing protocols are required to transfer packets from source to destination as some mobile nodes can act as intermediate nodes to forward a packet to its destination, due to the(More)
Yeast sporulation efficiency is a quantitative trait and is known to vary among experimental populations and natural isolates. Some studies have uncovered the genetic basis of this variation and have identified the role of sporulation genes (IME1, RME1) and sporulation-associated genes (FKH2, PMS1, RAS2, RSF1, SWS2), as well as non-sporulation pathway genes(More)
With the rapid growth in the area of wireless networks and mobile applications, Quality of Service (QoS) provision has received the attention of researchers. But unpredictable nature of Mobile Adhoc Networks makes it a very difficult task. Various QoS based protocols have been proposed by the researchers. These protocols make use of either proactive(More)
An ad hoc wireless network is a collection of wireless mobile nodes that establish some kind of coordination among them to form a network. In ad hoc networks, all nodes share a single radio channel. Therefore, nodes that are within radio distance of other nodes can directly connect with each other [1]. Mobility increases the difficulty of communications(More)
Mobile Adhoc Network consists of a large number of mobile nodes that communicate with each other in the absence of any fixed infrastructure. In such an environment each node must work as router to forward the data packets in the network. The principle characteristics of ad hoc network are the dynamic topology and the limited energy of mobile nodes. Nodes in(More)
In the emerging world, in a resource constrained network like mobile ad hoc network, the mobile agent is becoming a favorable option for creating applications like service discovery, network discovery, automatic network reconfiguration etc. due to its astonishing features like autonomy and mobility. The joint venture of the two technologies mobile agent and(More)
Data Mining techniques are helpful to uncover the hidden predictive patterns from large masses of data. Frequent item set mining also called Market Basket Analysis is one the most famous and widely used data mining technique for finding most recurrent itemsets in large sized transactional databases. Many methods are devised by researchers in this field to(More)