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Resistance to broad spectrum beta lactams, mediated by extended spectrum beta lactamase (ESbetaL) and AmpC betaL enzymes is an increasing problem worldwide. Presence of these in clinical infections can result in treatment failure if one of the second or third generation cephalosporins is used. Therefore, it is recommended that any ESbetaL-producing organism(More)
BACKGROUND The study was conducted to analyze previous six-year prevalence data of HIV infection in the Northwest region of India and predict future trends for a couple of years. OBJECTIVES The study was conducted to aid SACS and NACO to plan and arrange resources for the future scenario. MATERIALS AND METHODS All the attendees of ICTC, Jaipur, from(More)
Objective: Rapid diagnosis of genital tuberculosis (GTB) is essential as it is an important cause of infertility among women. Diagnosis can be done by imaging techniques, direct visualization by endoscopy, serology, histopathology, culture and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests. Laparoscopy detects macroscopic changes only; histology is only suggestive(More)
On needle aspiration, pleural fluid was viscous, for which a chest tube was inserted for drainage. Aspirated fluid was subjected to microscopic examination and culture. Gramstaining revealed many polymorphs. Patient was given i.v. amikacin and ceftazidime, but his condition did not improve. On the fifth day of admission, left thoracotomy with decortication(More)
96 Abstract— Effective implementation of Knowledge Management is considered as an increasingly important tool facilitating organisations to gain a competitive advantage. Educational Institutes are not far behind, they have also realised that Knowledge is now a driving force for organisational change and innovation, which are a survival tool in today’s(More)
Violence on women has been present in our society since times immemorial. The ethics, the values, the morals, the culture of the society has been framed in such a way or we can say structured in such a way so as to promote exploitation of this segment which is in reality the root of the society. The concept of STRUCTURAL VIOLENCE was introduced by Johan(More)
Medical termination of pregnancy is an apparently safe and uncomplicated procedure if done with full aseptic precautions and under the guidance of skilled and trained personnel. But even today with such advancement in medical field, we still encounter cases referred from peripheries and rural set –up with life threatening complications following suction(More)