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The proposed study offers an approach to incorporate the effect of surface roughness in the estimation of soil moisture from space without actually measuring surface roughness conditions on ground. It is required to acquire synthetic aperture radar data at low and high incidence angles, such that the soil moisture changes are negligible between the two(More)
The sensitivity of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) backscatter to soil moisture has been adequately established. However, monitoring of soil moisture over large agricultural areas is still difficult because SAR backscatter is also sensitive to other target properties like surface roughness, crop cover, and soil texture (soil type), along with its strong(More)
This paper attempts to probabilistically estimate the surface soil moisture content (SMC) by using the synthetic aperture radar data provided by radar imaging satellite1. The novelty of this paper lies in: 1) developing a combined index to understand the role of all the backscattering coefficients with different polarization and soil texture information in(More)
Micro machined motors are a recent development in the domain of electrical machines. As compared to conventional electromagnetic motors, micro machined motors offer higher torque at lower speeds, and are they are compact in size. This paper focusses on the study of a piezoelectric ultrasonic micro motor that is based on inverse piezoelectric effect. Here,(More)
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