Parul Mishra

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Region duplication forgery detection is a special type of forgery detection approach and widely used research topic under digital image forensics. In copy move forgery, a specific area is copied and then pasted into any other region of the image. Due to the availability of sophisticated image processing tools, it becomes very hard to detect forgery with(More)
Thirty two accessions of periwinkle Catharanthus roseus collected from different semitemperate to tropical geographical areas of Indian subcontinent, Madagascar, Singapore and Malaysia were characterized under field conditions for 53 growth, development, morphogenesis and alkaloid yield related characters over a few seasons at Lucknow, India. Large(More)
There are a limited number of MIPS (million instructions per second) available for the MPEG4 encoder on an embedded system. In these limited number of MIPS, we want to achieve the maximum possible frame rate, while maintaining the PSNR of the encoded video. There are several parts of the video encoding process that can be optimized for high quality, high(More)
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