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The sugar compositions of root hairs of a variety of plant species were determined. Root hairs of legumes had very similar compositions, whereas those of different families varied widely. Only approximately 50% of the weight of the root hairs of legumes could be accounted for by sugar. Up to 80% of the weight of root hairs from other sources could be(More)
Diabetes has been described as the common metabolic disorder of carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism, which is due to absolute or relative lack of insulin and is characterized by hyperglycemia. Two main types of diabetes based on their clinical manifestations are identified as Type I diabetes—known as Juvenile diabetes or insulin sensitive diabetes and(More)
Cows suffering from bovine mastitis have markedly reduced milk production because of inflammation within the udder subsequent to infection and damage from bacterial toxins. Antibiotic treatment is commonly used as a preventative and therapeutic measure for bovine mastitis. The most common pathogens include Staphylococcus aureus, various streptococci(More)
A signal in the communication system is the information containing part which is to be process, but during the processing of the signal some noise is added in the signal and signal becomes noisy. This is now mandatory to eliminate this noise from the signal to get information from the signal. In this paper, a wavelet filter based on Butterworth IIR filter(More)
The present study describes an approach to synthesize the smaller chain tripeptides and tetrapeptides and to test their antinociceptive potency in mice. Based on rational drug design using hydrophobic ratio and total net charge as descriptors, five leads were selected, viz., Met-Arg-Tyr (MRY), Met-Val-Tyr (MVY), Met-Ile-Cys-Tyr (MICY), Met-Trp-Lys-Tyr(More)
Phototactic response rates in the aquatic crustacean Daphnia magna were found to increase greatly when cultured under a lighting regime that included simulation of sunset and sunrise. The changes in intensity and color of the crepuscular periods are known to be the primary stimulus for vertical migrations of many planktonic forms, and may have importance to(More)
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