Parul Gandhi

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In spite of large acceptance of object-oriented paradigm, many programmers don’t have a firm grip on the design principles and the intimate mechanisms of object-orientation and this result into to a lot of poor designed large scale OO systems. Coupling in the software is one of the most vibrant internal quality attribute to measure the design performance.(More)
Inheritance and templates are key concepts in object-oriented programming (OOP), and are essential for achieving reusability and extendibility. The aim of this paper is to explore traditional Halstead's metrics and use them to propose more software metrics related to generic method and attributes in an object-oriented software. These metrics measure(More)
Cloud computing has become the buzzed and popular word in Information Technology. Nowadays people are accustomed to store their personal data in cloud. At a remarkable pace, cloud computing has transformed how business and government function. Cloud Computing presents another level of risk because essential services are often outsourced to a third party(More)
Reusability is the key concept in today’s software development environment. The concept of reusability can be achieved by Generic programming approach. C++ templates help us to develop generic code which results in reusable software modules and also identify effectiveness of this reuse strategy. Many researchers have already developed various reusability(More)
Component based software development approach is built on the notion to develop software systems by choosing appropriate off-the-shelf components and the η to assemble them with a well-defined software architecture. Quality assurance (QA) for component-based software development is a newer concept in the software engineering community as new software(More)
Software testing is the most critical aspect of software development. For a successful software development and implementation adequate level of software testing is mandatory. Largely the efficiency of software testing depends upon the appropriate set of test cases. It means the a few test cases with maximum coverage in software testing. Manual test case(More)
Software development cost estimation has been the subject of vigorous study over the past few decade. Software reusability provides opportunity for reducing the overall development cost and time of the software and improving the overall quality. Although significant progress has been made in the areas of reusability. The growing trend towards using CBSE(More)
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