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The aim is to evaluate and compare the flexural strength of different provisional restorative materials reinforced with glass and polyethylene fibers. A total of 90 samples were prepared and divided into three groups based on the type of fiber reinforcement, unidirectional S-glass (Splint-It) and ultra-molecular weight polyethylene (Ribbond). Unreinforced(More)
Angiolipoma is one of the rare variant of lipoma. This benign tumour consists of both fatty and vascular elements. It mostly occur in the trunk and extremities and is uncommon in head and neck region. Angiolipoma is classified as infiltrating and non- infiltrating types. Among all neoplasms of the oral cavity, lipomas account for 1 to 5% and the incidence(More)
Maxillary resection results in a discontinuity of the oral nasal and maxillary sinus cavities. Defect of any extent results in significant disabilities experienced by the patient. This may be manifested as difficulties in speech, mastication and esthetics.Prosthetic rehabilitation in the form of a palatal obturator is usually required to cover the defect(More)
INTRODUCTION Teeth arrangement is a vital skill for the undergraduate dental student. The attainment of skills depends largely on the methodology of teaching. In a dental curriculum, the students are exposed to a wide variety of inputs and teaching methodologies from different sources. The educational unit in dental school must identify the sequence of(More)
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