Parthajit Bhattacharya

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Diagnosis plays an important role to ramp up yield during IC manufacturing process. Limited observability due to test response compaction negatively affects diagnosis procedure. With modern compressors - targeting very high test data compression, diagnosis becomes even more complicated. In this paper, a complete diagnosis methodology focussing on a novel(More)
Scan compression technology is essentially IP that provides an interface between the scaninputs/outputs and the internal scan chains. The IP configuration that is put into the design is based upon some user specified constraints that are related to the target compression and the available scan terminals. The configuration selected may or may not be the best(More)
Diagnosis with a modern day low pin convolution compressor is difficult. Generally, it is done in two steps. In the first step, known as failure mapping, failures are mapped to the scan cells from the faulty responses recorded at compressor outputs on the Automatic Test Equipment (ATE). In the second step, normal scan diagnosis – cone tracing and fault(More)
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