Partha Sarathi Barooah

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BACKGROUND The knowledge regarding the structural details of deep fascia remains inadequate. It was described to be relatively avascular having predominantly protective function. Anatomical and surgical studies revealed that it had associated vascular arcade and hence incorporated it to ascertain additional vascularity to the flaps. However, not much(More)
Moderate size defects of the shin of tibia are frequently encountered following trauma and infection. They may be associated with or without a fracture. Such defects require resurfacing by a flap. Many different types of flaps have been described but most of them proved to be more bulky than desired. Although these procedures cover the defects successfully(More)
Lymphangiectasis usually occurs in the viscera. Involvement of the lower limb is very rare. It is difficult to establish the diagnosis without detailed investigations. Clinical features are peculiar and may mimic lymphoedema of different origins which needs to be ruled out. Contrary to the expectation, the post-operative result is excellent in the long-term(More)
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