Partha S. Bhowmik

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OBJECTIVE To observe the effect of endurance training on novice users of an arm-propelled three-wheeled chair (APTWC), powered by asynchronous arm crank propulsion, in actual locomotive conditions. STUDY DESIGN A continuous endurance training programme was administered by instructing subjects to propel themselves at free chosen speed (FCS) for 15 minutes,(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVE The use of wheelchairs (WC) of ergonomically different propulsion mechanisms may influence the cardiorespiratory capacity of the WC user. The purpose of the present investigation was to observe the impact of chronic use of four ergonomically different propulsion systems and age of the WC users on their aerobic capacity. METHODS The(More)
Induction motors are widely used in transportation, mining, petrochemical, manufacturing and in almost every other field dealing with electrical power. These motors are simple, efficient, highly robust and rugged thus offering a very high degree of reliability. But like any other machine, they are vulnerable to faults, which if left unmonitored, might lead(More)
Computation of load flows is the most fundamental power system operation and planning problem. In large power system, nodal voltage method of network solution using admittance matrix is preferred. In order to study its parallel algorithms, which improve operation efficiency, enhancement of real-time control and timely decision support, an improved load flow(More)
Accurate and reliable fault detection in three phase induction motors is of great importance from economical perspective. This paper deals with the modeling of five different stator faults, viz. Single Phasing, Single line to ground fault, over-voltage, under-voltage and voltage unbalancing. As part of data acquisition, stator phase current values are(More)
Islanding is a special type of open circuit fault where the distributed resource continues to feed local loads during loss of mains situation. This paper develops a technique to detect islanding in a six bus power system. The input to the technique is dependent on synchrophasor measurement. The decision made in the technique is based on IEC62116 standards(More)
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