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Expression of several actin-binding proteins including profilin-1 is up-regulated during capillary morphogenesis of endothelial cells, the biological significance of which remains unknown. Specifically, we hypothesized that profilin-1 is important for endothelial migration and proliferation. In this study, we suppressed profilin-1 expression in human(More)
The broad aim of this work was to explore the feasibility of using light-directed perturbation techniques to study cell locomotion. Specifically, a caged form of thymosin beta4 (Tbeta4) was photoactivated in a defined local region of locomoting fish scale keratocytes and the resulting perturbation of locomotion was studied. Purified Tbeta4 was produced in(More)
Silymarin (Sm) is a polyphenolic component extracted from Silybum marianum. It is an antioxidant, traditionally used as an immunostimulant, hepatoprotectant, and dietary supplement. Relatively recently, Sm has proved to be a valuable chemopreventive and a useful antineoplastic agent. Medical success for Sm is, however, constrained by very low aqueous(More)
9-Amino acridine derivatives (1a–1h) on condensation with 9, 10-dihydroanthracene-9, 10-α, β-succinic anhydride (2) at room temperature gave condensation products (3a–3h). Microwave-assisted condensation of 9-amino acridine derivatives (1a–1d) with phthalic anhydride, cis 1,2,3,6-tetrahydrophthalimide, and 2,5-pyrroledione gave corresponding condensation(More)
Andrographolide (AG) is a diterpenoid lactone isolated from the leaves of Andrographis paniculata. AG is a potent and low-toxicity antileishmanial agent. Chemotherapy applications of AG are, however, seriously constrained because of poor bioavailability, short plasma half-life, and inappropriate tissue localization. Nanoparticulation of AG was therefore(More)
Chemotherapy and anti-hormonal therapies are the most common treatments for non-organ-confined prostate cancer (PCa). However, the effectiveness of these therapies is limited, thus necessitating the development of alternative approaches. The present study focused on analyzing the role of pterostilbene (PTER)-isothiocyanate (ITC) conjugate--a novel class of(More)
  • Marion E. Joy, Laura L. Vollmer, Keren Hulkower, Andrew M. Stern, Cameron K. Peterson, R. C. “Dutch” Boltz +2 others
  • 2014
Profilin-1 (Pfn-1) is a ubiquitously expressed actin-binding protein that is essential for normal cell proliferation and migration. In breast cancer and several other adenocarcinomas, Pfn-1 expression is downregulated when compared to normal tissues. Previous studies from our laboratory have shown that genetically modulating Pfn-1 expression significantly(More)
Proteins belonging to the profilin family of actin-binding proteins are considered to be important control elements for actin polymerization and have been linked to a broad spectrum of cellular functions, including cell migration. An intriguing paper recently published in Cancer Cell unveils differential effects of profilin-1 and profilin-2, the two major(More)
Paracetamol (acetaminophen, APAP) overdose is often fatal due to progressive and irreversible hepatic necrosis. The aim of this work was to design Andrographolide (AG) loaded nanoparticles to prevent similar hepatic necrosis. Functionalized AG-loaded PLGA nanoparticles carrying different densities of heparin were prepared following a facile emulsion solvent(More)