Partha Pratim Mukhopadhyay

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We consider cosmological particle production in 1+1 dimensional string theory. The process is described most efficiently in terms of anomalies, but we also discuss the explicit mode expansions. In matrix cosmology the usual vacuum ambiguity of quantum fields in time-dependent backgrounds is resolved by the underlying matrix model. This leads to a finite(More)
The total expenditure on central schemes for the poor and on the major subsidies exceeds the states’ share of central taxes. These schemes are chronic bad performers due to a culture of immunity in public administration and weakened local governments. Arguing that the poor should be trusted to use these resources better than the state, a radical redirection(More)
Determination of sex is the first and crucial step in the process of identifying human remains in forensic casework. Sex determination from skeletal remains is well studied and an extensively documented subject. The hyoid bone, however, has drawn less attention in studies of this nature. The present study was designed to derive a model for the determination(More)
Hyoid is a U-shaped bone present in the ventral aspect of neck at the level of fourth cervical vertebra. Morphological variants of hyoid are well documented. The present study was designed to identify these morphological features and examine the sexual dimorphism of adult hyoid bone in Indian Bengali population. The present work consisted of direct(More)
We test the validity of the Siegel gauge condition for the lump solution of cubic open bosonic string field theory by checking the equations of motion of the string field components outside the Siegel gauge. At level (3,6) approximation, the linear and quadratic terms of the equations of motion of these fields are found to cancel within about 20%. Formerly(More)
The art of cleansing has progressed immensely over several thousand years from simply scraping the skin to an exercise in relaxation and improvement in the skin's health and appearance in the present day. Soaps - the basic cleansing agent has also undergone a sea change in its evolution with many variants and newer constituents being incorporated into it.(More)
INTRODUCTION The Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser (MRKH) syndrome is one of the most common causes of primary amenorrhoea and is associated with vaginal atresia and absent uterus despite the presence of normal ovaries and external genitalia. Various techniques have been used, with many disadvantages, to create a neovagina. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES Our aim is to(More)