Partha P Hazra

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During peroxisomal matrix protein import, the peroxisomal targeting signal receptors recognize cargo in the cytosol and interact with docking and translocation subcomplexes on the peroxisomal membrane. Using immunoprecipitations of multiple protein components, we show that in Pichia pastoris the docking subcomplex consists of the unique peroxins Pex13p,(More)
Chromaffin vesicles contain very high concentration of Ca2+ (approximately 20-40 mM total), compared with approximately 100 nM in the cytosol. Aequorin, a jellyfish photoprotein with Ca(2+)-dependent luminescence, measures [Ca2+] in specific subcellular compartments wherein proteins with organelle-specific trafficking domains are fused in-frame to aequorin.(More)
Oral delivery of insulin is convenient and physiologically desirable in the treatment of diabetes. However, this route of administration has presented substantial challenges as insulin is degraded enzymatically in the gut, resulting in low bioavailability. We have developed a conjugated insulin product (IN-105) that has high bioavailability and is currently(More)
Protein mannosyltransferases (PMTs) catalyze the O-mannosylation of serine and threonine residues of proteins in the endoplasmic reticulum. The five PMT genes coding for protein mannosyltransferases, designated as PMT1, 2, 4, 5 and 6, were identified from Pichia pastoris genome based on the homology to PMT genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae genome, which has(More)
Acetyl esterase (AE) activity present in the culture filtrate of Termitomyces clypeatus was separated into lower molar mass (LMM) and higher molar mass (HMM) protein fractions during BioGel P-200 gel chromatography. AE was purified as a 30 kDa nonglycosylated protein from LMM fractions by CM-Sepharose ion exchange chromatography and HPGPLC. Although the HMM(More)
Production of acetyl esterase by Termitomyces clypeatus was stimulated by xylan, cellulose, arabinose and arabinose-containing polysaccharides in the growth medium. The culture filtrate was equally active with p-nitrophenyl acetate and acetyl xylan. Acetyl xylan was completely deacetylated by the enzyme. Activity was optimum at pH 6.5 and at 50¡C. The Km(More)
To make insulin orally bioavailable, insulin was modified by covalent attachment (conjugation) of a short-chain methoxy polyethylene glycol (mPEG) derivative to the ε-amino group of a specific amino acid residue (LysB(29)). During the conjugation process, activated PEG can react with any of the free amino groups, the N-terminal of the B chain (PheB(1)), the(More)
Glycoforms of glargine expressed in Pichia pastoris were isolated by high-performance liquid chromatography and analyzed by a series of chemical and mass spectrometric methods for the identification of various glycoforms, glycosylation position, nature and structure of glycans. Reduction and alkylation, peptide mapping techniques were used to decipher the(More)
Bio-catalytic in vitro multistep reactions can be combined in a single step in one pot by optimizing multistep reactions under identical reaction condition. Using this analogy, the process of making PEGylated insulin, IN-105, was simplified. Instead of taking the purified active insulin bulk powder as the starting material for the conjugation step, an(More)
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