Partha P Hazra

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During peroxisomal matrix protein import, the peroxisomal targeting signal receptors recognize cargo in the cytosol and interact with docking and translocation subcomplexes on the peroxisomal membrane. Using immunoprecipitations of multiple protein components, we show that in Pichia pastoris the docking subcomplex consists of the unique peroxins Pex13p,(More)
(Publications with a * at the end are either published from IISER Pune or have IISER Pune affiliations mentioned in the paper) Inhibition of SIRT1 by a small molecule induces apoptosis in breast cancer cells. shock protein 90 as a drug target against protozoan infections: Biochemical characterization of Hsp90 from Plasmodium falciparum, Trypanosoma evansi(More)
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