Partha P. Chattopadhyay

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The present study concerns development of an efficient alcohol sensor by controlling the stoichiometry, length, and wall thickness of electrochemically grown TiO2 nanotube array for its use as the sensing layer. Judicious variation of H2O content (0, 2, 10 and 100% by volume) in the mixed electrolyte comprising ethylene glycol and NH4F resulted into the(More)
A detailed mathematical analysis is presented to advance the current understanding of the mechanics of milling operation in a planetary ball mill in terms of a global Cartesian reference space. The ab initio calculations have identified the role of milling parameters in determining the condition of detachment of the ball from the vial wall. The condition of(More)
The present study concerns development of a semi-automated algorithm for constitutional and spatial characterization of Baintic microstructure. The algorithm successfully has estimated the fractional variation of microstructural constituent with variation of process parameter. The estimated variation has been found to be consistent with the transformation(More)
The present study concerns the enhancement of methanol selectivity of three dimensional (3D) nanoflowers (NFs) of ZnO by dispersing nickel oxide (NiO) and palladium oxide (PdO) nanoparticles on the surface of the nanoflowers to form localized hybrid nano-junctions. The nanoflowers were fabricated through a liquid phase deposition technique and the(More)
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