Partha Lahiri

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We obtain a second order approximation to the mean squared error (MSE), and its estimate, of the empirical or estimated best linear unbiased predictor (EBLUP) of a mixed effect in a general mixed linear normal model. This covers many important small area models in the literature. Unlike previous research in this area, we provide a unified theory of(More)
For the well-known Fay-Herriot small area model, standard variance component estimation methods frequently produce zero estimates of the strictly positive model variance. As a consequence, an empirical best linear unbiased predictor of a small area mean, commonly used in the small area estimation, could reduce to a simple regression estimator, which(More)
When a Hierarchical Bayes area level model is used to produce estimates of proportions of units with a given characteristic for small areas, it is commonly assumed that the survey weighted proportion for each sampled small area has a normal distribution and that the sampling variance of this proportion is known. However, these assumptions are problematic(More)
in the Current Employment Statistics Survey October 2008 Julie Gershunskaya and Partha Lahiri2 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2 Massachusetts Ave NE, Suite 4985, Washington, DC, 20212 University of Maryland, College Park Abstract Each month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes estimates of employment for industrial supersectors at the metropolitan(More)
Empirical best linear unbiased prediction (EBLUP) method uses a linear mixed model in combining information from different sources of information. This method is particularly useful in small area problems. The variability of an EBLUP is traditionally measured by the mean squared prediction error (MSPE), and interval estimates are generally constructed using(More)
Title of Dissertation: WHY DO AFRICAN AMERICANS HAVE HIGHER SERUM FERRITIN THAN EUROPEAN AMERICANS, DESPITE LOWER HEMOGLOBIN? Yang Pan, Ph.D., 2006 Directed By: Associate Professor Robert T. Jackson, Department of Nutrition & Food Science Blacks have been consistently observed to have higher serum ferritin (SF) concentrations than whites; however, few(More)
Title of dissertation: THE BAYESIAN AND APPROXIMATE BAYESIAN METHODS IN SMALL AREA ESTIMATION Santanu Pramanik, Doctor of Philosophy, 2008 Dissertation directed by: Professor Partha Lahiri Joint Program in Survey Methodology For small area estimation, model based methods are preferred to the traditional design based methods because of their ability to(More)