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This study was conducted to examine the effects of condensed tannins (CT) from Ficus bengalensis leaves on the feed utilization, milk production and health status of crossbred cows. Eighteen crossbred dairy cows at their second and mid lactation (avg. BW 351.6±10.6 kg) were randomly divided into two groups of nine each in a completely randomized block(More)
Differential power analysis (DPA) attacks are the most powerful side channel attacks against cryptographic systems. In this work, a reduced ordered binary decision diagram (ROBDD) based dual rail circuit for a basic DPA resistant cell has been designed. The specialty of this cell is that the overall input current of the cell is invariant to the input(More)
OBJECTIVE An experiment was conducted to examine the effect of dietary supplementation of dried and ground foliage of black gram (Vigna mungo L.) on feed intake and utilization, and production performance of crossbred lactating cows. METHODS Eighteen lactating crossbred (Bos taurus×Bos indicus) cows (body weight 330.93± 10.82 kg) at their second and mid(More)
Multi point relay (MPR) selection problem aims at improving energy efficiency by minimizing the number of relay nodes for a network wide broadcast operation in wireless ad hoc and sensor networks. If a relay node misses a broadcast packet, a large number of nodes reachable via this relay node may end up missing this broadcast packet. Therefore, improving(More)
Execution of cryptographic algorithm in hardware or software usually leaves power/current traces that are dependent on the data being processed. Power analysis attacks (PAAs) have been found to be extremely effective on such systems to derive the cryptographic secrets from these traces. Therefore, countering PAAs is of great importance. In this work, a(More)
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