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HamNoSys is a notation system for writing signs. HamNoSys symbols describe signs in form of signing parameters. Signing parameters include hand shape, hand orientation, hand location and hand movement. This paper presents a system which generates HamNoSys corresponding to the inputted word. For generating HamNoSys, system covers all the symbols for signing(More)
DeConverter is core software in a Universal Networking Language (UNL) system. A UNL system has EnConverter and DeConverter as its two major components. EnConverter is used to convert a natural language sentence into an equivalent UNL expression, and DeConverter is used to generate a natural language sentence from an input UNL expression. This paper presents(More)
Nowadays digital communication is very popular due to various advantages like less affected by noise and which can be easily regenerated by various decoding algorithms. In order to correct the error occurring while transmitting the message through communication channel, the forward error correction (FEC) coding is used. In this FEC method, the convolutional(More)
Sign language serves as a primary mode of communication for deaf people. It is a major linguistic challenge which researchers all over the globe have taken up and built systems to facilitate the process of understanding the natural language by means of sign language. This paper discusses a system that is built mainly to translate Hindi text to the Indian(More)
Likelihood ratio (LLR) unit in order to reduce the critical path delay. A dual mode single-binary (SB) and double-binary (DB) decoding algorithm has been used to reduce the arbitrary block sizes for high throughput decoding. The computational modules and storages of the dual-mode (SB/DB) MAP decoding are designed to achieve high area utilization. This(More)
In this paper, implementing for double edge triggered flip flop is introduced. The double edge triggered flip flop is used to reduce number of clocked transistors in the design. The effective method of the double edge triggered paradigm and n-MOS transistor logic of the new proposed implicit pulsed double edge triggered flip-flop (PIPDETFF) is proposed. The(More)
UNL system is designed and implemented by a nonprofit organization, UNDL Foundation at Geneva in 1999. UNL applications are application softwares that allow end users to accomplish natural language tasks, such as translating, summarizing, retrieving or extracting information, etc. Two major web based application softwares are Interactive ANalyzer (IAN),(More)