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Nearly 161 million persons live with a disabling visual impairment, of whom 37 million are blind. About 90% of them live in developing countries of Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific Regions. 9 out of 10 blind children in developing countries have no access to education. The system of embossed writing invented by Louis Braille gradually came to be(More)
The paper presents an algorithm for single document text summarization. Text Summarization is extraction of important information from the large documents by neglecting the unnecessary information with the help of different algorithms and providing the summary in compressed way which is very useful. Since UNL is language independent i.e. summarization with(More)
Currently, in One Day International (ODI) cricket matches first innings score is predicted on the basis of Current Run Rate which can be calculated as the amount of runs scored per the number of overs bowled. It does not include factors like number of wickets fallen and venue of the match. Furthermore, in second innings there is no method to predict the(More)
A semantic based approach is better in many ways than the keyword based searches. As the wide amount of information on the internet is exceling daily, the keyword based approach in many commercial search engines is failing to retrieve correct information without getting the knowledge and need of user query. Since the keyword based search could search for(More)
The automated machine translation system is one of the dreams of human beings. In order to design a multilingual machine translation system Interlingua Approach plays a vital role. The Universal Network Language (UNL) is an international project of the United Nations University, with an aim to create an interlingua for all major human languages. The(More)
The key for enabling smooth information sharing across channels is the efficient storage of the information in a language independent format so that it can be retrieved across many geographies without having multiple corpus. This paper explains how this complex requirement can be solved by using UNL. In the paper the architecture and implementation of the(More)
Data Mining is an analytical process designed to explore data in search of consistent patterns and/or systematic relationships between variables, and then to validate the findings by applying the detected patterns to new subsets of data. The overall goal of data mining is to extract information from a dataset and transform it into useful structure for(More)
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