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Poly-alpha-cyanoglycine, a homopolymer synthesized from the N-carboxyanhydride of alpha-cyanoglycine, is converted by cumulative reaction of hydrogen cyanide to heteropolypeptides that can be hydrolyzed to protein amino acids, including glycine, alanine, valine, aspartic acid, and glutamic acid. These results are consistent with the hypothesis that the(More)
Deuterolysis experiments suggest that hydrogen cyanide polymers rather than aminoacetonitriles are major precursors of alpha-amino acids obtained from spark reactions and other studies on chemical evolution. These results are consistent with the hypothesis that the original heteropolypeptides on the earth were synthesized spontaneously from hydrogen cyanide(More)
We propose a new algorithm for recovering both complex field (phase and amplitude) and source distribution (illumination spatial coherence) from a stack of intensity images captured through focus. The joint recovery is formulated as a nonlinear least-square-error optimization problem, which is solved iteratively by a modified Gauss-Newton method. We derive(More)
In microscopy, shot noise dominates image formation , which can be modeled as a Poisson process. The Richardson-Lucy method tends to converge slowly for large problems and is not flexible to the addition of non-differentiable priors. In this project, proximal algorithms like ADMM and Chambolle-Pock are applied to three dimensional deconvolution and are(More)
Modern machine learning techniques, such as deep learning, often use discriminative models that require large amounts of labeled data. An alternative approach is to use a generative model, which leverages heuristics from domain experts to train on unlabeled data. Domain experts often prefer to use generative models because they " tell a story " about their(More)
In this paper a design of 16:1 tree type multiplexer has been presented using GDI and PTL technique. The proposed design consists of 31 NMOS and 15 PMOS. The proposed multiplexer is designed and simulated using DSCH 3. 1 and MICROWIND 3. 1 on 180nm technology. Performance comparison of proposed multiplexer with CMOS, Pass transistor and transmission gate(More)
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