Parmider Sangha

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This paper discusses the design of a fault-tolerant electric motor for an aircraft main engine fuel pump. The motor in question is a four-phase fault-tolerant motor with separated windings and a six-pole permanent magnet rotor. Methods of reducing machine losses in both the rotor and stator are introduced and discussed. The methods used to calculate rotor(More)
The paper describes a general method for the preliminary design of fast-acting solenoid actuators. Moving armature, drive circuit and nonlinearities are modeled as well as eddy currents for solid iron devices. The electromagnetic model is obtained by computing two magnetisation characteristics corresponding to the extreme positions of the armature and a(More)
A simple analytical technique, which uses readily available datasheet parameters, is developed to model the low-current switching characteristics of insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs). Simulation and experimental results obtained using three differently rated inverters are presented to demonstrate the accuracy of the technique. The model is applied(More)
This paper investigates the effect of stator slot shape on the accuracy of a saliency based zero-speed sensorless position estimation technique for brushless permanent magnet machines. Three machines with different rotor topologies are used as the basis of the finite element analysis and for each machine, experimental tests are carried out to verify the(More)
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