Parmdeep Kaur

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In this paper, we propose an exponential ratio type estimator of the finite population mean when auxiliary information is qualitative in nature. Under simple random sampling without replacement scheme, the expressions for the bias and the mean square error of the proposed estimator have been obtained, up to first order of approximation. To show that our(More)
BACKGROUND Nosocomial Acinetobacter infections are an increasing concern in intensive care units (ICU). OBJECTIVES To study the demographic and clinical characteristics and the outcomes of ICU patients with Acinetobacter infections. METHODS A retrospective, 1-year audit of all Acinetobacter infections diagnosed in ICU patients between January 1 and(More)
The prognosis and final outcome in patients who sustain stroke are significantly affected by medical complications occurring during the acute phase of stroke. Only limited information is available from India and other developing countries regarding acute complications of stroke. This study examined the frequency of acute stroke and the factors associated(More)
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BACKGROUND Neurocysticercosis (NCC) is a common cause of epilepsy in developing countries. In order to plan and implement prevention programs, it is essential to study the awareness of NCC. OBJECTIVE To study the awareness of NCC among patients with NCC and compare with age- and gender-matched controls without NCC. SETTING AND DESIGN Hospital based(More)
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