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Breathing and oxygenation were monitored in 78 asymptomatic volunteers on two successive nights of sleep. Four groups of subjects were recruited: 20 young men, 20 young women, 20 men older than 40 years, and 18 postmenopausal women. In random order, subjects ingested either 2 ml/kg (body weight) of 100-proof vodka in orange juice or a similar amount of(More)
For two consecutive nights, 20 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) without significant carbon dioxide retention were monitored by polysomnography in a sleep laboratory study of the effects of flurazepam ingestion. In a double-blind, controlled, randomized fashion, they ingested 30 mg of flurazepam or placebo on one night and the(More)
Eighteen asymptomatic postmenopausal women volunteered to ingest 2 ml of 100-proof vodka per kg of body weight in orange juice on one night and a placebo on another. Overnight sleep monitoring was performed immediately thereafter. Alcohol ingestion caused reduction in total sleep time from 329 to 281 minutes and a decrease in rapid eye movement sleep. There(More)
Vilazodone causes few serious adverse effects, although long-term safety has not been established.1 In a one-year open-label case series, 3.8% of patients experienced serious adverse effects, including pneumonia, suicidal ideation or behavior, and serotonin syndrome.1 As with other antidepressants, vilazodone carries a boxed warning for increased risk of(More)
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