Parker Gould

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Plasma generation systems represent a particularly challenging load for radio-frequency power amplifiers owing to the combination of high operating frequency (e.g., 13.56 MHz) and highly variable load parameters. We introduce a dynamic matching system for inductively coupled plasma (ICP) generation that losslessly maintains near-constant driving(More)
Ultracold atoms, with their minimal spectral broadening and long interaction times, are ideal systems to explore and implement quantum state preparation and manipulation [1]. In particular, Raman processes in ultracold systems have proven to be a very useful tool in areas ranging from laser cooling and atom optics [2] to quantum information processing [3](More)
A new boron-based hybrid scorpionate ligand based upon one 2-mercaptopyridine (mp) and two 1-methyl-imidazoyl-2-thione (mt) units, Na[HB(mt)(2)(mp)] has been prepared. This new ligand together with the recently reported ligand K[HB(mp)(3)] have been used to prepare analogues of the original metallaboratrane complex [Ru(CO)(PPh(3)){kappa(4)-SSBS-B(mt)(3)}].(More)
The addition of flexible scorpionate ligand, [mpBm]⁻{i.e. HB(mt)2(mp), where mt = methyl-2-mercaptoimidazole and mp = 2-mercaptopyridine} to group eleven centres is reported for the first time. The coordination of this hybrid ligand to copper(I) and silver(I) centres in the presence of triphenylphosphine and trialkylphosphine co-ligands has been(More)
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