Park W Gloyd

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PURPOSE Studies have often shown low rates of preventive counseling in primary care, and interventions aimed at improving counseling rates have had disappointing results. Using obesity as a case study, we looked for factors that influence clinicians' decisions to include preventive counseling in the brief primary care encounter. METHODS A sequential,(More)
PURPOSE Traditional approaches to improving preventive care have had limited success. In response, researchers have adopted new ways of examining the primary care environment and clinical encounters to better understand the factors that impact care delivery. We examined how clinicians make preventive counseling decisions to ascertain if self-determination(More)
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) has been considered a difficult virus to isolate and study because of its apparent lability. Investigations of the thermostability of strains have yielded discrepant results, some of which appear to be due to the diluents used. The stability of three CMV strains at 37°, 25° and 3°C has been studied here. Virus was diluted into either(More)
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