Paritosh Ramanan

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Many real-world wireless sensor network applications such as environmental monitoring, structural health monitoring, and smart grid can be formulated as a least-squares problem. In distributed Cyber-Physical System (CPS), each sensor node observes partial phenomena due to spatial and temporal restriction and is able to form only partial rows of(More)
Seismic tomographic imaging is a complex process for imaging the subsurface geological structures. It involves massive data acquisition, signal processing and computing. Traditionally, the voluminous data is logged in each station then manually gathered to a centralized location for post processing. It may take months to see the subsurface image. To see(More)
Network diagnosis is a vital aspect in ensuring an efficient and robust functioning of any kind of mesh network. In this paper we present a network diagnosis method which determines the delay map of a mesh network using only end-to-end delay measurements without having the knowledge of the path taken. We model the problem of network diagnosis as an inverse(More)
Distributed Gossip in networks is a well studied and observed problem which can be accomplished using different gossiping styles. This work focusses on the development, analysis and evaluation of a novel in-situ distributed gossip protocol framework design called (INDIGO). A core aspect of INDIGO is its ability to execute on a simulation setup as well as a(More)
With the onset of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), distributed algorithms on Wireless Sensor Networks(WSNs) have been receiving renewed attention. The distributed consensus problem is a well studied problem having a myriad of applications which can be accomplished using asynchronous distributed gossip algorithms on Wireless Sensor Networks(WSN). However, a(More)
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