Parit Kanjanavirojkul

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We study the performance of compressed beamforming weights feedback technique in generalized triangular decomposition (GTD) based MIMO system. GTD is a beamforming technique that enjoys QoS flexibility. The technique, however, will perform at its optimum only when the full knowledge of channel state information (CSI) is available at the transmitter. This(More)
A pulse generator (PG) for low power and low duty cycle applications is presented. The PG employs a CMOS switch and a quarter-wavelength transmission line resonator. Since the architecture does not involve feedback gain, the PG is theoretically capable to generate a pulse efficiently at high oscillation frequency (f<inf>osc</inf>), at which a transistor(More)
This paper presents a pulse generator (PG), aiming at low power applications with low duty cycle. The PG is capable to provide an efficient pulse generation at a frequency near and beyond CMOS's Fmax. It also features quick starting time and zero stand-by power. The PG is designed by CMOS flipped to a transmission line resonator on a quartz substrate.(More)
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