Parisch Browne

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One of the key issues with the overabundance of online information sources is that of finding what is relevant. The key to success for any type of information provider must be the personalisation of content in information retrieval, and this can be achieved through the maintenance of user profiles and the matching of these profiles to content metadata. This(More)
P-glycoprotein is phosphorylated in cells, and it has been suggested that phosphorylation may regulate the drug transport activity of P-glycoprotein. Domain mapping, utilizing a combination of cyanogen bromide digestion and immunoblot analysis, was used to reveal the major phosphorylation sites in murine mdr1b P-glycoprotein. After labeling of J7.V1-1 cells(More)
Thrombin forms sodium dodecyl sulfate stable complexes of 77 and greater than 450 kDa with proteins secreted by activated platelets. The kinetics of formation of these complexes were investigated by addition of 125I-thrombin to the supernatant solution of A23187-activated platelets. Complexes were analyzed by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel(More)
A labeled 77-kDa complex formed when 125I-thrombin was added to platelet suspensions or to the supernatant solution of ionophore-activated platelets. Prostacyclin inhibited complex formation with whole platelets but not with the supernatant solution of ionophore-activated platelets. This is evidence that the complex formed with a factor secreted from(More)
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