Parisa Emami-Naeini

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the associated risk factors for ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunting in infantile hydrocephalus following intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH) in premature infants. METHODS A historical cohort study was conducted, consisting of 97 premature infants in whom the diagnosis of IVH was previously made by cranial ultrasound and were referred(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the utility and allogenicity of gamma-irradiated corneal allografts. METHODS Corneal buttons were harvested from C57BL/6 mice and decellularized with gamma irradiation. Cell viability was assessed using TUNEL and viability/cytotoxicity assays. Orthotopic penetrating keratoplasty was performed using irradiated or nonirradiated (freshly(More)
PURPOSE To explore the function of natural killer (NK) cells in inflammatory angiogenesis in mice. METHODS To study ocular angiogenic responses we used the cornea BFGF micropellet and the laser-induced choroidal neovascularization (CNV) mouse models (C57BL/6). To deplete NK cells in these models, we injected an anti-NK1.1 antibody or an isotype antibody(More)
PURPOSE To develop and validate a novel automated system to assess ocular redness (OR) in clinical images. METHODS We developed a novel software that quantifies OR in digital images based on a mathematic algorithm using a centesimal continuous scoring scale. Subsequently, we conducted a study to validate the scores obtained with this system by correlating(More)
BACKGROUND Sacral agenesis is an uncommon congenital disorder that involves multiple organs. OBJECTIVE We studied neurological manifestations of the disease, common associated disorders, and their relation with extent of bony malformation. METHODS We investigated neurological manifestations of 50 patients with sacral agenesis. Patients were evaluated(More)
BACKGROUND A case of a 13-month-old male infant with progressive increase in head circumference, neurodevelopmental delay, and episodic generalized seizures is reported. He had a history of increase in intracranial pressure because of an arachnoid cyst at the age of 2 months which was managed by cystoperitoneal shunting, but the symptoms were still(More)
Dermal sinuses have been associated with a wide spectrum of clinical manifestations ranging from asymptomatic to drainage of purulent material from the sinus tract, inclusion tumors, meningitis, and spinal abscess. To date, there has been no documented report of brain abscess as a complication of spinal dermal sinus. Here, we report an 8-month-old girl who(More)
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