Parisa Charkhgard

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Although the simple assembly line balancing problem (SALBP) is the topic of many studies, typically they either consider minimizing the number of stations for a given cycle time (called type one), or minimizing the cycle time for a given number of stations (called type two). Rarely, type E of the problem has been considered. In the type E, cycle time and(More)
We present two new mixed integer programming formulations for the order acceptance and scheduling problem in two machine flow shops. Solving this optimization problem is challenging because two types of decisions must be made simultaneously: which orders to be accepted for processing and how to schedule them. To speed up the solution procedure, we present(More)
We present three new formulations for the setup assembly line balancing and scheduling problem (SUALBSP). Unlike the simple assembly line balancing problem, sequence-dependent setup times are considered between the tasks in the SUALBSP. These setup times may significantly influence the station times. Thus, there is a need for scheduling the list of tasks(More)
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