Parisa Behnamfar

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Microarray is a powerful tool for simultaneous study of the behavior of thousands of genes through analysis of produced images. The correct segmentation of each “spot” of the microarray image is a critical step in the analysis of the results of an experiment. In this paper a graph based method is proposed which automatically performs the segmentation.(More)
A recently introduced structure for the capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers (CMUTs) has focused on the applications of the asymmetric mode of vibration and has shown promising results in construction of super-resolution ultrasound images. This paper presents the first implementation and experimental results of a transceiver circuit to interface(More)
Fingerprint identification is an important biometric technique for personal identification. Most of the automatic systems of fingerprint recognition are based on matching of fingerprint minutiae. In this paper, we described a method that reduces the complexity of computations and extract the minutiae from binary image with appropriate speed. In this paper a(More)
Motion estimation is a critical part of any video coding scheme. Block matching schemes, though being easy to implement, could produce poor results when multiple moving objects exist in one block. In this paper a new mesh-based algorithm is presented which uses affine transforms. The algorithm searches for codirectionality among pixels of a mesh element.(More)
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