Parisa Agha-Golzadeh

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The engineering of thermostable enzymes is receiving increased attention. The paper, detergent, and biofuel industries, in particular, seek to use environmentally friendly enzymes instead of toxic chlorine chemicals. Enzymes typically function at temperatures below 60°C and denature if exposed to higher temperatures. In contrast, a small portion of enzymes(More)
There is a high demand for engineering thermostable enzymes in some industries; especially in paper industries to use environmental friendly enzymes instead of toxic chlorine chemicals. Hence, understanding protein attributes involved in enzyme thermostability is important. Herein, the most important protein features contributing to enzyme thermostability(More)
Influenza A viruses infect large numbers of animals and are subtyped according to their surface antigens to 16 HA subtypes and 9 NA subtypes. To identify the main prominent protein attributes representing each subtype, various clustering, screening, item set mining and decision tree models applied to dataset of 3632 HA sequences of influenza A viruses. The(More)
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