Paris Stringfellow

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Empirical findings from a gaze-contingent color degradation study report the effects of artificial reduction of the human visual system's sensitivity to peripheral chromaticity on visual search performance. To our knowledge, this is the first such investigation of peripheral color reduction. For unimpeded performance, results suggest that, unlike(More)
Increased emphasis on aircraft inspection to ensure aviation safety has resulted in the need for a better trained workforce of aircraft maintenance personnel. As almost 90% of inspection is visual in nature, it has led to the development of computer simulators to train human inspectors performing the inspection task. However, the lack of immersion and(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare transmitted forces through ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) mouthguard material and the same EVA material with gas inclusions in the form of a closed cell foam. METHOD EVA mouthguard materials with and without foam gas inclusions and 4 mm thick were impacted with a constant force from an impact pendulum. Various porosity levels in the(More)
The healthcare crisis in the United States has prompted the Institute of Medicine [IOM] and National Academy of Engineering [NAE] to collaborate to address how systems engineering could be used to redesign processes and delivery systems in healthcare. A collaborative effort funded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the National Science Foundation, NIH, and(More)
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