Parimalan Rangan

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Global warming is an alarming problem in agriculture and its effect on yield loss has been estimated to be five per cent for every degree centigrade rise in temperature. Plants exhibit multiple mechanisms like optimizing signaling pathway, involvement of secondary messengers, production of biomolecules specifically in response to stress, modulation of(More)
Adaptation of cereal crops to variable or changing climates requires that essential quality attributes are maintained to deliver food that will be acceptable to human consumers. Advances in cereal genomics are delivering insights into the molecular basis of nutritional and functional quality traits in cereals and defining new genetic resources.(More)
The C4 photosynthetic pathway evolved to allow efficient CO2 capture by plants where effective carbon supply may be limiting as in hot or dry environments, explaining the high growth rates of C4 plants such as maize. Important crops such as wheat and rice are C3 plants resulting in efforts to engineer them to use the C4 pathway. Here we show the presence of(More)
Analysis of the transcriptome revealed the expression of a complete set of enzymes specific for a C 4 photosynthetic pathway in the pericarp of the developing wheat seed (Rangan et al., 2016). C 4 photosynthesis is not utilized in wheat leaves with temperatures during the early vegetative stages of wheat growth favoring C 3 photosynthesis. Wheat crops(More)
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