Parimaladevi Ramasamy

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Measured wind speed data are not available for most sites in the mountainous regions of India. The objective of present study is to predict wind speeds for 11 locations in the Western Himalayan Indian state of Himachal Pradesh to identify possible wind energy applications. An artificial neural network (ANN) model is used to predict wind speeds using(More)
2-Amino-4-picolinium toluene sulfonate (2A4PTS), a new organic material, was synthesized and grown as single crystals in room temperature by slow evaporation solution growth technique using water as solvent. The crystal structure of 2A4PTS has been determined using single crystal X-ray diffraction studies. 2A4PTS belongs to monoclinic crystal system. The(More)
The single crystal of guanidine carbonate doped nickel sulfate hexahydrate was grown from solution for ultraviolet filters. The single crystal XRD confirms that the grown single crystal belongs to the tetragonal system with the space group of P4₁2₁2. The crystallinity of the grown crystal was estimated by powder X-ray diffraction studies. The optical(More)
The effect of L-tyrosine doping on various properties of potassium dihydrogen phosphate single crystals grown by slow cooling along with seed rotation method has been investigated. The crystalline nature of the grown crystals has been analyzed by powder X-ray diffraction analysis. The presence of various functional groups is identified by Fourier transform(More)
A comparative study on the properties of L-alanine and LAAN crystals has been made and discussed. It may be concluded that the protonation of the amino group in the L-alanine molecule is the key factor in increasing the relative SHG efficiency of LAAN. The protonation is justified by the crystal structure analysis, FTIR and photoluminescence studies. The(More)
Single crystals of clobetasol propionate (CP) have been grown by slow evaporation solution technique using mixed solvent of methanol-acetone. The grown crystals were subjected to single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis to confirm their lattice parameter and space group. The powder X-ray diffraction pattern of the grown CP has been indexed. Thermal(More)
Nucleation and growth kinetics give valuable information about the crystal growth process, which can be employed in the growth of large size crystals. Accordingly, this paper discusses nucleation theory as applied to crystallizing negative solubility lithium sulphate monohydrate (LSMH) crystal. Solubility, metastable zone and induction period values were(More)
A new organic intermolecular charge transfer complex 3-nitroaniline 4-methyl benzene sulfonate (NATS) has been successfully synthesized and good optical quality single crystals grown by slow solvent evaporation solution growth technique at room temperature using methanol as the solvent. The (1)H and (13)C NMR spectra were recorded to establish the molecular(More)
Unidirectional (100) potassium dihydrogen orthophosphate (KDP) single crystals were grown by Sankaranarayanan-Ramasamy (SR) method. The (100) oriented seed crystals were mounted at the bottom of the glass ampoules and the crystals of 20mm diameter, 30 mm height and 15 mm diameter, 65 mm height were grown by SR method. The grown crystals were characterized(More)