Parimal Acharjee

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In the current deregulating environment, integration of Distributed Generation (DG) in the radial distribution network is one of the reliable and efficient options which can be used for reduction of power loss, improving the voltage profile of the system and stability. Optimal allocation of DG units is essential for improving the quality of supply and(More)
Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) with highly adaptive parameters and Chaotic Local Search (CLS) has been developed to obtain superior and robust convergence pattern. Depending on the objective function values of the current and best solutions in the present iteration, unique and innovative formulae are designed for two sets of PSO parameters, inertia(More)
A heuristic approach to the load flow solutions is proposed in this paper. The method is based on a perturbation technique. Voltage and phase angle of a bus is perturbed around their current values and the effect of perturbation is judged on a local network formed around the node concerned. Perturbations generating improved solutions are accepted. The(More)
A new, simple and reliable load flow method has been developed based on adaptive particle swarm optimization (APSO) technique. A unique and highly adaptive inertia weight factor (AIWF) is designed for load flow problems depending on the sum of the squares of the power mismatches. Similarly, constriction factors are formulated to be adaptive. The method(More)
The power systems across the world are being operated at highly loaded conditions, as a result of which they are becoming more prone to voltage instability. In order to overcome this problem of voltage instability, it is necessary to determine the optimal location of voltage compensating devices like SVC. To reduce the computation time required for optimal(More)
In this paper, the current power scenario of India is elaborately described and the prospect, potential of energy for the developing countries is analyzed. The concept of Smart Grid (SG) and its necessity for the modern power systems are demonstrated. The effect of SG on social, economical and power sector is explained. The main problems to the(More)
Feeding by yellow stem borer (Scirpophaga incertulas Wlk.) larvae and the consequences of damage to internode was assessed on the paddy cultivar Swarna mashuri (MTU 7029) at the Chakdah Regional Research Station of Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya (University) for three consecutive years (2007-2009) by randomized block design. Grossly there were five(More)