Parijat Kanaujia

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An oral osmotic system which can deliver theophylline and salbutamol sulphate simultaneously for extended period of time was developed and characterized in a view to reduce the problems associated with the multidrug therapy of asthma. Simple controlled porosity osmotic pump contained both drugs (in freely soluble form) did not provide satisfactory extended(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this work was to develop and characterise S-SEDDS containing fenofibrate (FF) for dissolution enhancement. METHODS The self-emulsifying pre-concentrate was prepared by using different proportion of Labrafac WL1349 as oily phase, Cremophor EL as surfactants and Gelucire 44/14 as co-surfactant. The prepared pre-concentrate was solidified(More)
Immunostimulation represents a promising approach designed to specifically eradicate malignant cells. Since glioma tumour cells hole up in the central nervous system (CNS) in a particularly inauspicious milieu to antitumour immune reactions we here propose a new strategy to revert the properties of this microenvironment by administering an antitumour(More)
A novel analytical method to detect and characterize active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) trace crystallinity in an amorphous system using Raman microscopy and chemometric methods, namely band-target entropy minimization (BTEM) and target transformation factor analysis (TTFA) is developed. The method starts with Raman mapping measurements performed on(More)
The aim of this study is to examine the physical mechanisms during the dissolution of a solid dispersion, so as to provide further understanding behind the enhanced dissolution properties. X-ray amorphous solid dispersions of ketoconazole (KC), a poorly aqueous soluble drug, were prepared by melt extrusion with polyvinlypyrrolidone 17 (PVP 17) and PVP-vinyl(More)
Enhanced dissolution of poorly soluble active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in amorphous solid dispersions often diminishes during storage due to moisture-induced re-crystallization. This study aims to investigate the influence of moisture protection on solid-state stability and dissolution profiles of melt-extruded fenofibrate (FF) and ketoconazole(More)
This study aimed to prepare solid lipid nanoparticles (SLNs) of a hydrophobic drug, tretinoin, by emulsification-ultrasonication method. Solubility of tretinoin in the solid lipids was examined. Effects of process variables were investigated on particle size, polydispersity index (PI), zeta potential (ZP), drug encapsulation efficiency (EE), and drug(More)
Diltiazem hydrochloride (DLTZ) is a freely water-soluble drug, because of its higher aqueous solubility, the suitability of the drug with elementary osmotic pumps is restricted. Plain DLTZ elementary osmotic pump had shown higher release rate. Drug entrapment in polymer matrix or addition of release retardant materials (various polymers) can reduce the(More)
Melphalan, a drug used for the treatment of breast, ovaries and a certain type of cancer in the bone marrow, was conjugated to linear methoxy poly (ethylene glycol) (M-PEG) of 2000 and 5000, Da. An ester linkage between polymer and drug was used in the coupling to yield a polymeric prodrug. Purified esters were characterized by Maldi-Tof and IR spectroscopy(More)
Controlled porosity osmotic pumps (CPOPs) are devoid of delivery orifice to release core contents and essentially possess pore-forming agent(s) in coating composition. When the pump comes in contact with aqueous media, pore-forming agent(s) generate pores through which core contents are delivered. Diltiazem hydrochloride (DLTZ) is a freely water-soluble(More)