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Central, But Not Basolateral, Amygdala Is Critical for Control of Feeding by Aversive Learned Cues
It is demonstrated that enhancement of eating by an appetitive CS is dependent on the integrity of BLA, but not CEA, and a double dissociation between amygdalar subsystems that control food consumption by appetitive and aversive learned cues is shown. Expand
Rats subjected to chronic-intermittent hypoxia have increased density of noradrenergic terminals in the trigeminal sensory and motor nuclei
It is suggested that CIH elicits sprouting of noradrenergic terminals in multiple motor and sensory regions of the lower brainstem, which may alter motor and cardiorespiratory outputs and the transmission of cardiOREspiratory and motor reflexes in CIH rats and, by implication, in OSA patients. Expand
Effect of testing conditions and microstructure on the sliding wear of graphite fibre/PEEK matrix composites
The sliding friction and wear behaviour of unreinforced polyetheretherketone (PEEK) matrix and its unidirectional continuous and two-dimensional woven graphite fibre-reinforced composites wereExpand