Paresh Kumar Nayak

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The apparent impedance seen by a distance relay may fall within its operating zone during power swing. This may cause the relay to trip unnecessarily. To avoid unintended trip operation during such conditions, a power swing blocking function is utilized in distance relays. However, if a fault occurs during power swing, the relay should detect the fault and(More)
This paper is based on the study of current differential protection scheme on transmission line by using Moving Window Averaging technique and Discrete Fourier Transform. From the beginning of the history of power system, researchers have tried to increase the speed and sensitivity of transmission line protection in the power system protection field without(More)
Distribution generation (DG) based on renewable energy sources at the distribution voltage level is gaining popularity among utilities and consumers due to numerous technical, economical and environmental benefits. The concept of microgrids (MGs) has been proposed as an attractive alternative to integrate large number of DGs with distribution systems. MGs(More)
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