Pardeep Singh

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3,4-Dihydroxyphenyl-L-alanine (L-DOPA)-induced dyskinesia (LID) is a debilitating side effect of long-term dopamine replacement therapy in Parkinson's Disease. At present, there are few therapeutic options for treatment of LID and mechanisms contributing to the development and maintenance of these drug-induced motor complications are not well understood. We(More)
BACKGROUND The nature of influenza viral shedding during naturally acquired infection is not well understood. METHODS A cohort study was conducted in Hutterite colonies in Alberta, Canada. Flocked nasal swabs were collected during 3 influenza seasons (2007-2008 to 2009-2010) from both symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals infected with influenza.(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess and compare the quality of life and disability in patients with schizophrenia and obsessive compulsive disorder. METHODS A cross-sectional study was carried out in the outpatient psychiatry clinics at Jaipur of India. Fifty patients with obsessive compulsive disorder and 47 with schizophrenia (diagnosed as per criteria of the 10th(More)
Controversy still surrounds the differential susceptibility of nerve fibers to local anesthetic conduction block. In order to help resolve this controversy, we developed an in vivo model of peripheral nerve blockade in the cat that closely reproduced the clinical state. Using this model, differential rate of nerve blockade of A-alpha, A-delta, and C fibers(More)
Cotyledonary nodes taken alongwith shoot apex from seedlings of cotton (G. hirsutum) proliferated into shoots on nutrient agar medium supplemented with cytokinins. In the presence of optimal plant growth regulators, low light intensity enhanced the number of shoots initiated per explant in cotton. An average of 33.5 +/- 2.9 shoots were obtained from a(More)
This paper proposed a routing protocol named Optimizing Velocity Based Adaptive Zone Routing Protocol (OVBAZRP) that is more stable and better routing performance in scenarios where mobile nodes move with non-uniform speeds, an Optimizing Velocity Based Adaptive Zone Routing Protocol (OVBAZRP) is proposed which allows different nodes choose different zone(More)
Although the microneutralization (MN) assay has been shown to be more sensitive than the hemagglutination inhibition (HAI) assay for the measurement of humoral immunity against influenza viruses, further evidence relating MN titres to protective efficacy against infection is needed. Serum antibodies against seasonal H1N1 and H3N2 influenza were measured in(More)