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Micelles formed from sodium glycocholate and dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine are demonstrated to form a magnetic field orientable liquid crystal within narrow ranges of composition and temperature. The utility of this medium in structural investigations of biological membrane components using deuterium NMR is discussed.
Interactions of membrane anchored molecules such as glycolipids with a membrane surface are important in determining headgroup conformation. It is therefore essential to represent these membrane surface interactions in molecular modeling studies of glycolipids and other membrane bound molecules. We introduce here an energy term that represents the(More)
The effect of low concentrations of heavy univalent Cs' and Iimpurities on the low-temperature heat capacity of KC1 gives an enhancement in the heat capacity. This anomalous behaviour has been explained on the basis of a low concentration Green's function theory. A localized perturbation model which includes mass change at the impurity site as well as(More)
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