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Underbelly of the Great Indian Telecom Revolution
While the phenomenal growth of telecommunications in India is often attributed to deregulation, the other side of the coin is the equally massive spread of crony capitalism based on scams and corruptExpand
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Divided We Stand: India in a Time of Coalitions
This topical and absorbing book, written by two eminent journalists, explains why India has entered a new era of coalition politics. It analyses the consequences and implications of this relativelyExpand
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A Time of Coalitions: Divided We Stand
Introduction India in the Time of Coalitions Bharatiya Janata Party In Search of the 'Right' Strategy Indian National Congress A Return to Family Values Caste in Stone Politics of the Hindi HeartlandExpand
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"Paid news": how corruption in the Indian media undermines democracy
"Written by Paranjoy Guha Thakurta and Kalimekolan Sreenivas Reddy, Members, Press Council of India. Dated: Thursday April 01, 2010". A report issued by the Sub-Committee on payment of money byExpand
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The Sun Rises in the East
India and China together account for roughly forty per cent of the world's population. The two most populous countries on the planet have both witnessed strong economic growth over the past decade;Expand
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Ideological Contradictions in an Era of Coalitions: Economic Policy Confusion in the Vajpayee Government
It is claimed that there is consensus among contending political parties in India on the broad direction of economic policies followed since 1991. This claim cannot, however, be substantiated. ThereExpand
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Food and Nutrition Justice: How to Make it More Newsworthy?
Growing corporatisation and commercialisation of the mass media in India and the world have resulted in facts and issues relating to food and nutrition justice being pushed to the fringes. In anExpand
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Conflicts to Control Oil: economic implications of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
and commercial rivalry?" There are quite a few who believe that war is good for economic growth. After death and destruction comes rejuvenation and reconstruction, thanks to the existence of aExpand