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The management of children suffering from sickle cell disease [sickle cell anaemia (SCA) and sickle cell beta degree-thalassaemia (S beta degree-thal.)] has been the concern of all clinicians caring for these patients. Several agents have been tried for treatment, often limited by toxic side effects. Piracetam (2-oxo-l-pyrrolidine acetamide, Nootropyl), a(More)
Trichorrhexis nodosa is a hair shaft disorder often encountered in clinical practice. Acquired trichorrhexis is commoner of the two types and is most often due to weathering from physical or chemical causes. We report three representative cases of localized acquired trichorrhexis encountered in our clinic attributable to a specific comb, used commonly in(More)
Cutaneous larva migrans is a tropical disease that typically is acquired on exposed surfaces in patients who have been sitting or lying on moist ground or other surfaces which have been contaminated by dog or cat feces. A patient is reported who presented with typical, severely pruritic, migratory plaques after sleeping on a wet, bus station floor.
Ten patients with chronic stable psoriasis of more than three years duration were treated with injection heparin 2500 IU subcutaneously twice a day for 7 days. Six patients showed aggravation. Three showed no response and one patient improved and went into remission after 6 months.
A skin eruption simulating 'papular urticaria' was observed in 6% of 500 patients with cancer. Twenty seven of them had carcinoma affecting different organs, while 3 had lymphoma. Direct observation revealed that the skin lesions were the result of bites by the mosqmtoes. There was direct correlation between mosquito bite reaction and the response to(More)