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I n the UK, coronary heart disease (CHD) morbidity and mortality is higher among the black and minority ethnic groups (BMEG). 1 A number of clinical tools are available to calculate an individual's absolute risk of developing CHD. 2 These are based upon data derived from the Framingham heart study (FHS), the participants of which were white, middle class(More)
BACKGROUND Updated, robust estimates of the incidence and prevalence of rare long-term neurological conditions in the UK are not available. Global estimates may be misrepresentative as disease aetiology may vary by location. OBJECTIVES To systematically review the incidence and prevalence of long-term neurological conditions in the UK since 1988. SEARCH(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Within the United Kingdom, mortality from stroke is higher among South Asians compared to European whites. The reasons for this excess cerebrovascular risk in South Asians remain unclear. The aim of this review is to present a comprehensive and systematic overview of the available literature relating to ischemic stroke among South(More)
BACKGROUND There are now effective drugs to prevent cardiovascular disease and guidelines recommend their use. Patients do not always choose to accept preventive medication at levels of risk reduction recommended in guidelines. The purpose of the study was to identify and explore the attitudes of patients and general practitioners towards preventative(More)
underestimate the effect of an intervention on the burden of illness. Future research should collect serial data on severity to estimate changes in " total illness. " 2 Secondly, for trials of a new intervention the control is usually nothing (placebo). But for trials of antibiotics for acute respiratory infections the established treatment is already(More)
BACKGROUND A pilot project cardiovascular prevention was implemented in Sandwell (West Midlands, UK). This used electronic primary care records to identify untreated patients at high risk of cardiovascular disease then invited these high risk patients for assessment by a nurse in their own general practice. Those found to be eligible for treatment were(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify predictors of perinatal and infant mortality variations between primary care trusts (PCTs) and identify outlier trusts where outcomes were worse than expected. DESIGN Prognostic multivariable mixed models attempting to explain observed variability between PCTs in perinatal and infant mortality. We used these predictive models to(More)
BACKGROUND Limited data exists on the prevalence of heart failure amongst minority groups in the UK. To document the community prevalence and severity of left ventricular systolic dysfunction, heart failure, and atrial fibrillation, amongst the South Asian and Black African-Caribbean groups in the UK. METHODS AND RESULTS We conducted a cross-sectional(More)
BACKGROUND Overcoming language barriers to health care is a global challenge. There is great linguistic diversity in the major cities in the UK with more than 300 languages, excluding dialects, spoken by children in London alone. However, there is dearth of data on the number of non-English speakers for planning effective interpreting services. The aim was(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess feasibility and acceptability of a multifaceted, culturally appropriate intervention for preventing obesity in South Asian children, and to obtain data to inform sample size for a definitive trial. DESIGN Phase II feasibility study of a complex intervention. SETTING 8 primary schools in inner city Birmingham, UK, within populations(More)