Paramjit S. Gill

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BACKGROUND & AIMS Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a common cause of abnormal LFTs in primary care, but there are no data defining its contribution nor reporting the range of NAFLD severity in this setting. This study seeks to calculate the range of disease severity of NAFLD in a primary care setting. METHODS Adult patients with incidental(More)
In families affected by an inherited genetic condition, parents face a difficult task of having to communicate genetic risk information to their children. A systematic review of all major health and medical research databases was undertaken using current guidelines to identify original relevant research papers from 1980 to 2007, which explore the issues(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Within the United Kingdom, mortality from stroke is higher among South Asians compared to European whites. The reasons for this excess cerebrovascular risk in South Asians remain unclear. The aim of this review is to present a comprehensive and systematic overview of the available literature relating to ischemic stroke among South(More)
This project proposes a new measure for assessing the performance of batsmen and bowlers in one-day cricket. Current measures of performance all suffer from serious drawbacks, thus expressing the need for a more sensible measure. The ratio of runs scored to resources consumed (where resources are defined according to the Duckworth-Lewis method of resetting(More)
A fully Bayesian analysis of directed graphs, with particular emphasis on applications in social networks, is explored. The model is capable of incorporating the effects of covariates, within and between block ties and multiple responses. Inference is straightforward by using software that is based on Markov chain Monte Carlo methods. Examples are provided(More)
BACKGROUND There are now effective drugs to prevent cardiovascular disease and guidelines recommend their use. Patients do not always choose to accept preventive medication at levels of risk reduction recommended in guidelines. The purpose of the study was to identify and explore the attitudes of patients and general practitioners towards preventative(More)
BACKGROUND Limited data exists on the prevalence of heart failure amongst minority groups in the UK. To document the community prevalence and severity of left ventricular systolic dysfunction, heart failure, and atrial fibrillation, amongst the South Asian and Black African-Caribbean groups in the UK. METHODS AND RESULTS We conducted a cross-sectional(More)
In the UK, tuberculosis is an urgent public health problem, particularly for immigrants and other socially deprived and vulnerable groups. London has the highest rate of tuberculosis of any western European capital. Although recently improved National Health Service tuberculosis services aimed at early diagnosis and initiatives to prevent transmission in(More)