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FCC has proposed to allow unlicensed operations in the TV broadcast bands. This portion of the spectrum has several desirable properties for more robust data communication as compared to the ISM bands. However, there are a number of challenges in efficiently using the TV bands. For example, the available spectrum is fragmented, and its availability may vary(More)
In the proposed work, if one service provider is found to be overloaded, it utilizes the spectrum of the other service provider which is found to be underutilized. Thus, CR nodes senses the best available channel for sharing and it provides the list of available channels to the overloaded service provider to utilize the under utilized spectrum efficiently.(More)
Organizations worldwide are adopting wireless networks at an impressive rate, and a new industry has sprung up to provide tools to manage these networks. Unfortunately, these tools do not integrate cleanly with traditional wired network management tools, leading to unsolved problems and frustration among the IT staff. We explore the problem of unifying(More)
Mobile Cloud Computing is an inheritance and emergence of cloud computing and mobile computing.The ever increasing usage of mobile devices and the need for users to handle applications that require high computation power has lead to the emergence of mobile cloud computing.The full potential of a mobile cloud can be realized only if its inherent hurdles such(More)
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