Paramesh C. Upadhyay

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The concept of Paging has been found useful in existing cellular networks for mobile users with low call-tomobility ratio (CMR). It is necessary for fast mobility users to minimize the signaling burden on the network. Reduced signaling, also, conserves scarce wireless resources and provides power savings at user terminals. However, Mobile IP (MIP), a base(More)
This paper presents a mobility tracking mechanism for IP-based networks. The Motivation behind proposed mechanism is that most of the mobile hosts tend to move locally within a limited geographical area. We have observed that a recently proposed mobility management scheme, called Dynamic hierarchical Mobile IP (DHMIP) performs better than MIP in terms of(More)
Mobility is a natural phenomenon in cellular networks. The worldwide popularity of mobile communications and Internet has necessitated the merger of the two fast growing technologies to get their fullest advantages. The Internet protocol (IP) was designed for static hosts only. Therefore, in order to add mobility in Internet, the Internet protocol needs to(More)
Hierarchical Mobile IP (HMIP) reduces the signaling delay and number of registration messages to home agent (HA) by restricting them to travel up to a local gateway only. It uses centralized gateways that may disrupt the communications, in the event of a gateway failure, between a gateway and the mobile users residing with underlying foreign agents (FAs) in(More)
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