Paramai Supadulchai

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Network-based services have during more than one decade been is an important research topic with a focus on service architecture solutions that give flexibility and efficiency in the definition, deployment and execution of the services. This focus is now slightly changing into focus on adaptability and evolution of such services. Due to the increase in both(More)
Service systems are likely to be highly dynamic in terms of changing resources and configurations. On the one hand, resources are increasingly configurable, extendable, and replaceable. On the other hand, their availability is also varying. For this reason, the handling of these changes is crucial to achieve efficiency. To accomplish this objective, a(More)
This paper presents a policy-supported architecture for adaptable service systems based on the combination of Reasoning Machines and Extended Finite State Machines. Policies are introduced to obtain flexibility with respect to specification and execution of adaptation mechanisms. The presented architecture covers two aspects: service system framework and(More)
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