Parag Sharma

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Previous work suggests that a range of mental states can be read from facial expressions, beyond the “basic emotions”. Experiment 1 tested this in more detail, by using a standardized method, and by testing the role of face parts (eyes vs. mouth vs. the whole face). Adult subjects were shown photographs of an actress posing 10 basic emotions (happy, sad,(More)
Technological advances including multicore processors and small form factor blade servers are enabling continued improvements in computing densities for modern datacenters. Large scale facilities leverage these densities to deploy web applications and cloud based services, but must simultaneously address the ensuing power and cooling management issues that(More)
OBJECTIVES This article is aimed to review the novel actions of progesterone, which otherwise is considered as a female reproductive hormone. The article focuses on its important physiological actions in males too and gives an overview of its novel perspectives in disorders of central and peripheral nervous system. KEY FINDINGS Progesterone may have a(More)
Introduction Scrub typhus is an infectious disease caused by Orientia tsutsugamushi, a tiny parasite about the size of bacteria that belongs to the family Rickettsiaceae. Scrub typhus was first described by Hashimoto from Japan in 1899 (1). The term scrub is used because of the type of vegetation (terrain between woods and clearings) that harbours the(More)
All-optical two input parallel logic gates with bacteriorhodopsin (BR) protein have been designed based on nonlinear intensity-induced excited-state absorption. Amplitude modulation of a continuous wave (CW) probe laser beam transmission at 640 nm corresponding to the peak absorption of O intermediate state through BR, by a modulating CW pump laser beam at(More)
Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are increasing cause of functional disability which requires aggressive researches on neuroprotective agents to prevent or rectify the consequences of organic brain damage and to enhance rehabilitation. Many of the drugs which proves beneficial in preclinical studies failed to translate into clinical practice, hence the search(More)
Low-power all-optical switching with pharaonis phoborhodopsin (ppR) protein is demonstrated based on nonlinear excited-state absorption at different wavelengths. A modulating pulsed 532-nm laser beam is shown to switch the transmission of a continuous-wave signal light beam at: 1) 390 nm; 2) 500 nm; 3) 560 nm; and 4) 600 nm, respectively. Simulations based(More)
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