Parag R Desai

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From June 1985 to June 1989, sera from 425 cases of acute viral hepatitis were gathered from 2 hospitals in Bombay; 331 sera were positive for hepatitis B surface antigen and immunoglobulin M anti-hepatitis B core antigen, and the donors' disease was diagnosed as hepatitis B. Anti-hepatitis D virus was found in 124 of these sera, and hepatitis D antigen was(More)
From June 1985 to 1989, we studied 39 cases with fulminant viral hepatitis. These included 32 cases due to hepatitis B, of whom 27 died. Twenty of the 32 cases were positive for delta antibody, and all of them died. Four cases who died were negative for IgM anti-HAV, HBsAg and IgM anti-HBc and were classified as NANB. Thus, a total of 31 patients died.(More)
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