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—Optimization of energy consumption in future intelligent energy networks (or Smart Grids) will be based on grid-integrated near-real-time communications between various grid elements in generation, transmission, distribution and loads. This paper discusses some of the challenges and opportunities of communications research in the areas of smart grid and(More)
—We propose a novel multiplier architecture with tun-able error characteristics, that leverages a modified inaccurate 2x2 building block. Our inaccurate multipliers achieve an average power saving of 31.78% − 45.4% over corresponding accurate multiplier designs, for an average error of 1.39% − 3.32%. Using image filtering and JPEG compression as sample(More)
—Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks are attracting a lot of attention primarily because of their ability to offer affordable connectivity to the low-power devices distributed over very large geographical areas. In realizing the vision of the Internet of Things (IoT), LPWA technologies complement and sometimes supersede the conventional cellular and short(More)
Femtocell access points (FAPs), also popularly known as Home Base Stations, are small base stations for use within indoor environments to improve coverage and capacity. FAPs have a limited range (e.g. limited to a home or office area) but offer immense capacity improvements for the network due to the ability to reuse a frequency more often as a result of(More)
Certain classes of applications are inherently capable of absorbing some error in computation, which allows for quality to be traded off for power. Such a tradeoff is often achieved through voltage over-scaling. We propose a novel multiplier architecture with tunable error characteristics, that leverages a modified inaccurate 2x2 multiplier as its building(More)
—An overview of several standardization activities for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications is presented, analyzing some of the enabling technologies and applications of M2M in industry sectors such as Smart Grid and e-Health. This summary and overview of the ongoing work in M2M from the industrial and standardization perspective complements the(More)